What is the use of decorative ceiling products?

We would like to share with you the information and recommendations about our ceiling fans series, including decorative ceiling fans, which have become one of the indispensable elements of decoration and architecture.

Decorative ceiling fans, which are considered as a visual function in particular, provide users with different functions and a feeling of sharing a spacious space. In addition to the propellers of different colors and sizes, the products are available with pendant and lamps.

What should you consider while choosing this product?

When choosing Ceiling Fans, you should make a choice according to the place where you will use the product.

Products included among Ceiling Fans are decorative ceiling fans of different sizes, home ceiling fans and industrial ceiling fans.

In the selection of decorative ceiling fans, the wing width of the products is a completely personal design preference. 32 inch (80 cm) product, 42 inch (105 cm) product and 52 inch (130 cm) product can be used in the same place. This is a visual selection and the user's choice. Therefore, you shouldn’t get confused while choosing the lengths.

If you need a household-type ceiling fan, the size of your room is of importance. You are advised to hang the Ceiling Fan right in the middle of the room. If you’re going to use it in a wide or long room, you should consider using multiple ceiling fans.

What should be considered while installing the product?

The height of the ceiling fan's propeller from the ground ideally starts from 2.1 m up to a maximum of 2.9 m.
You will have more productivity from your product installation by paying attention to these features.

We recommend that you have your decorative ceiling fan installed by a qualified electrician. The correct installation of the product will enable you to obtain long-lasting efficiency and get visual satisfaction from your product.

Decorative ceiling fans have two different rotating motors. In the summer, turning to the right gives coolness and in the winter it is reversed to increase the temperature and increase the room temperature.

Always pay attention to the ‘socket’ size of the illumination elements of the Decorative Ceiling Type models.

There are different options for industrial ceiling fans. The biggest size option is 56 inch (140 cm). Models with 16 inch (40 cm) and 20 inch (50 cm) size are also available. Industrial-type products are equipped with aluminum propellers.

Home type models of ceiling type ventilators are models that can be used both for efficient use of space and for creating coolness in smaller spaces.

Be sure to read the operating instructions for long-term use of your ceiling fans. Keep your manual in a place where you can easily find it for later use.

From whom can I get support when setting up the product?

We recommend that you obtain support from a qualified electrician for the assembly of the product. The first installation of your product is of great importance for safe and efficient operation.

If there is a malfunction in your product, do not interfere with yourself; consult a specialist.

You can also check the installation videos on our YouTube channel and get help with these videos.