RAKS Cooling Products for Healthy Coolness

It is everyone's dream to enjoy the warm colors, dynamism and vitality that summer brings to our lives. The only obstacle in front of this dream is the high temperatures that become unbearable and lasting for days.

Combined with global climate change, transformation, rapid urbanization and the destruction of forests, it is common to see temperatures well above the seasonal averages in summer. Fans - the most natural, cost efficient and healthy solution offered by the developing technology to meet the needs of people throughout the history - provide the optimum coolness in every venue during summer times.

But why do we need “coolness”?

While air conditioners and other climatic devices provide “cooling” by directly intervening in the air, fans offer a more natural “coolness”. Although psychologically we think “coldness” is what we look for during hot seasons, what our body actually seeks for is cooling.

When cooling is provided using air-conditioner or similar climatic devices, they lead to drying of the air due to the rigorous intervention to the temperature. And dry air not only triggers headache and an uncomfortable feeling, it also: Leads to many upper and lower respiratory tract diseases.

Whereas, fans do not intervene in the air temperature. It only creates a pressure difference in the air, enabling air flow within the environment. In this way, ambient temperature is reduced in a controlled manner and the freshness we need is provided. The air coolers in the RAKS product family suck the air in a similar way to the fan types and blow it through the wet core sections within. Mankind prefers fans as the most healthy and useful source to cool down since the late 19th century.

How do fans work?

The fan system, developed by the US inventor Schuyler S.Wheeler in 1882, consists of a propeller mounted on the shaft of an electric motor. Over time, the system has undergone a variety of transformations for safety and efficiency, but the primary task of the fan is to move the air through the rotation of the propeller.

What kind of cooling should be preferred in which place?

RAKS cooling products family offers a suitable device for every need. These products differ in terms of variety, function and usage area. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right choice in order to get the best efficiency from the purchased cooling device.

Domestic type cooling products are classified into three types: household type fans, ceiling fans and air coolers. Each of these devices offers different functions to meet the need for cooling in smaller spaces. If you are a home user, you can find out more about the type of fan that will suit you.

Industrial type fans come into prominence for indoor cooling in restaurants, hotels, shops and other large working areas. These products, which are larger than domestic type fans, operate with a powerful and high efficiency motor which is suitable for long-term use in crowded places.

What are the main benefits of fans and air cooling solutions?

Fans and air cooling devices not only offer a healthier use. At the same time, they provide much higher efficiency and savings with low power consumption. Since low electricity consumption means lower CO2 emissions, the fans do not damage the environment while they are working.