Where are industrial fans used?

Industrial fans have an important role in the cooling of indoor spaces such as restaurants, car parks, hotels, shops, large working areas, factory areas and market areas.

Industrial fans with different properties according to the needs of the places should not be preferred for use in houses. These products are high capacity products with both motor powers and aluminum propellers.

The fastest and most effective method of rapid cooling of the places where the temperature is felt intensively is the use of industrial fans. Before you buy an industrial fan, determining where and for what purpose you will use the product will help you make your choice.

What are the dimensions?

The propeller diameters of models designed according to foot, wall type, ceiling type and floor type usage can range from 50 cm (20 in.) to 75 cm (30 in.).

Since industrial type fans are used in places where temperature is high and they are used for a long time, the motor power, motor quality and safety of the product are of great importance.

What should be considered when using industrial type fans?

Burning of the engine is one of the most common faults when the products are operated for a long time at intense power, and a simple measure is enough to prevent this. Leaving the industrial-type products to rest from time to time and then re-starting will be a good solution this problem.

One of the important factors affecting the performance of the fan is the proper assembly of the product. The importance of providing accessibility to the power button and the control cords rather than placing the product to a position where it will continuously operate should be understood by the user so that both the product performance and user satisfaction can be positively affected. You may also consider remotely controlled industrial-type fans among industrial products. These models stand out with the usability they add to the product. You may select 50 cm (20 in.) propeller fan among our wall-mounted and free-standing remote-control models. Among the new products of the 2017 season, we recommend these products to those who prefer a controlled model.

Cleaning and maintenance of industrial fans, which can be used in open and semi-open spaces, will also ensure long service life.

How to store your product?

We recommend that you store the product carefully in order to be able to use it next season. When storing the product, you should pay attention not to bend and squeeze your propeller.

What is recommended for the installation, use and after-sales service of the product?
The installation of industrial type products is a bit more cumbersome than household-type fans. In order to reduce this effort for you, we have prepared some materials to help you install products with YouTube videos.

For long-term and healthy use of your industrial fans, please read the user manual of your product carefully. Place the manual in a place where you will not lose it for future use.

Do not interfere in the event of a malfunction in your product. Get support from an authorized technical service.

You can also check the installation videos on our YouTube channel and get help with these videos.