What should you consider while choosing a ventilator?

While choosing, you should consider selecting a product according to the place. Thus, you may simply determine the characteristics of the product you need.

How many types of household type ventilators?

If you only have a desk, it offers you an alternative to freshen you with desktop options. There is certainly a model among the Free-standing type, Desk type, wall type, ceiling type, cold-vapor ventilators, box ventilator and vapor ventilators which would meet your needs.

Are there designed products on ventilators?

If you determined the product type based on place. We will have a couple of recommendations:

You may even choose a product based on the dimensions of the rooms in the house and sometimes based on the design. For example; BLACK, which is the trend color of 2017 is the main color of our products this year.

Why should I choose a product with remote controller?

Among the household type ventilators, you should consider those with remote controller. If you are to change the wind speed, mode, i.e. the settings of the product in a stylish manner, then we recommend you to pick a remote controlled model.

In addition to the remote controlled options, we also have time adjusted products which run for 2 hours and then automatically stops thanks to the two hours time adjustment. This is a feature which we may recommend for the users who will be using for certain intervals.

At last, ventilators are generally placed close to the users, and therefore the noise produced is very important. While preparing the most silent ventilators for you, we took this sensitive factor into consideration. We recommend you to pay attention to the noise of the product you choose.

We mentioned about cold-vapor ventilators, so let's continue; with the water you put in these products, you may also moisten the air in the setting. If you really want to increase the cold, you may increase the yield of this feature by putting ice into the water chamber of the product.

An additional feature of the Vapor Ventilator is that this product has a fly-repellent tablet inlet. We would like you to be aware that there are ventilators with many functions available.

How to buy the most economic, the cheapest ventilator?

It is not only the first purchase cost which makes these models economic but also the durability when you choose the correct product and brand.

What are the technical specifications to be considered?

While choosing a ventilator, if you can access the technical data like engine power, air volume, wind speed, these data will tell you about the product's performance. As well as these technical data, the quality of the propeller on the product and the quality of the materials used in the product also directly affect the performance of the product.

What should I observe for before I install the products?

Be sure to read these operating instructions carefully before using and installing the products. Do not skip this small detail, which will allow you to know your product better and install and use your product smoothly.

You can also watch Youtube videos about the installation of our products.

The quick and efficient operation of the aftermarket service of the brand that you will select should be another parameter when purchasing a cooler.

How to store fans?

You're not done after you purchase a cooler; if you store your device in a way to avoid dust when the weather gets warmer, you will use your product reliably for a peaceful environment.

While storing your product, pay attention that the propeller is not loaded and it’s protected against dust.

It is also important not to over bend the power cable of the product.