What is an Air Cooler and where should it be preferred?

Air Coolers are among cooling products that are recently widespread in Turkey. Air Coolers are mostly preferred in homes, small shops and in places where less energy consumption is required compared to air conditioning. Thanks to their portable and easy to use design, these products have started to become preferred among consumers.

How do Air Coolers work?

Operating mechanism of Air Coolers is to suck the air circulating in the environment and blow it out after passing through wet radiator units. While operating the products, a window or a door should be kept open and the back side of this product should be closer to the open side. Thus it takes the fresh air and blow it into the room. While doing this, ensure that other windows and doors of the room are closed. If possible, a small opening to let the air out will increase the efficiency of the product. In this way, humid air from the cooler will prevent the heating of the environment.

What are the things to be taken into account while using an Air Cooler?

Ensure that the water tank of your Air Cooler is always full with sufficient amount of water; if the water level falls below the minimum, your product will no longer cool the ambient. This should be considered since operating with a small amount of water will lead damage to the water pump of the product. You may also clean the dust in the product by evacuating the water in the product with the help of the water drain behind the product once a month. Those who prefer more cooling of the product can improve the performance of the product using ice. Don’t sleep in front of this product. Take care to stand at least 4-5 meters away. You must always use clean water in your Air Cooler. Otherwise, you can spread both odor and disease. Keep the Air Cooler in a dry and dry place when not in use. If you are not going to use your product for a long time, you should pay attention to the conditions of storage of the product and wrap it with care and damage and remove it for later use.

What are the specifications of the product?

If we refer to the different features of the Air Cooler, these products are remotely controlled. The products are also remarkable due to their air purifying properties, silent operation characteristics and timer setting.

What should be considered during installation and use?

Two different use of Air Coolers is possible. Especially for larger spaces, the products with high WATT power have a mains water supply. With this water inlet, continuous water flow is provided to the product and the water level is continuously kept at sufficient levels. Our recommendation for the users of these products is definitely not to use well water. The use of well water or artesian water causes materials such as soil, etc. to escape into the product, causing deterioration in the performance of the product, and it also leads to premature breakdown of the product and void of the service warranty as it is considered a user fault.

The fact that users of high capacity products pay attention to this usage will benefit both their long-term use and ensure the sustainability of the product's performance.

Please read the user manual to ensure healthy coolness with coolers and keep them for later use. In the event of a malfunction in your product, please consult an authorized dealer. Never interfere with the product yourself.